Bowe Bergdahl
Jessica Robinson

Supporters of an Idaho soldier being held by the Taliban are trying to keep his name front and center with the public. Bowe Bergdahl of Hailey has been a prisoner of war for the last four years. Supporters are using billboards to publicize his captivity.

Keith Lasseigne motions to the roof of a building in downtown Spokane. “We have a Bring Bowe Home billboard above us.”

Idaho National Guard

Four years. That's how long Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been a prisoner of the Taliban. The soldier from Hailey remains the lone American POW from the Afghan conflict. Now, Bergdahl's parents are calling on the U.S. to reach an agreement that will bring their son home. But any deal hangs precariously on peace talks involving the Taliban, and the weekend saw yet another setback.

The parents of America's only prisoner of war in the current conflict in Afghanistan are urging the U.S. to reach a peace agreement with the Taliban and bring their son home. The end of June marks the fourth year Idaho soldier Bowe Bergdahl has been in captivity.

On Saturday his parents spoke out at a rally Bowe's hometown held in his honor.

Jani and Bob Bergdahl talk of a son who sought adventure in travels around the world. At 20, they say, he took apart and rebuilt his 1978 KZ-1000 motorcycle.


News that the Taliban is open to a prisoner swap is bringing renewed hope to supporters of a captive soldier from the Northwest.

Parents of captured Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl recently had some good news. The family says they received a handwritten letter from Bergdahl who's been held as a prisoner of war by the Taliban for almost four years. The letter's confirmation came about two months after their son turned 27.

The International Committee of the Red Cross [ICRC] helped to get the letter to the family in Hailey, Idaho.

Idaho National Guard

The parents of Idaho soldier Bowe Bergdahl are hoping a message they recorded for his 27th birthday will reach him in captivity. Bergdahl remains America's only POW from the war in Afghanistan.

Bob and Jani Bergdahl recorded a message on KECH, a radio station in Idaho's Wood River Valley.

“Happy birthday, Bowe Bergdahl!” they say.
“You're 27 years old today, if you forgot," says Mr. Bergdahl. "And you've been in Afghanistan for over four years now.”

Courtesy of the Bergdahl family.

Captured U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl turns 27 Thursday. It's the fourth birthday the Army sergeant from Idaho has passed in the hands of the Taliban and their allies. People who knew Bergdahl are trying to call more attention to the only known POW from the war in Afghanistan.

Not a lot is known about Bergdahl's life since he was captured in June 2009. But it's believed he's now being held by a Taliban-allied insurgent network in Pakistan. U.S. efforts to bring Bergdahl home are wrapped up in slow-moving peace negotiations in Afghanistan with the Taliban