1:14 pm
Tue November 4, 2014

Boise's Catholic Diocese Is Getting A New Bishop

Credit Diocese of Boise

A new leader has been named for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise.

Bishop Peter F. Christensen will be installed as the eighth Bishop of Boise at a Dec. 17 Mass in St John Cathedral.

He replaces Bishop Michael P. Driscoll, who submitted his letter of resignation to Pope Francis on Aug. 8 when he turned 75.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise in a statement Tuesday said Pope Frances announced earlier in the day that he had accepted Driscoll's resignation and named Christensen to replace him.

Christensen has been at the Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin.

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9:48 am
Fri October 3, 2014

Founders Of Idaho Creation Museum Urge Visitors To 'Think Critically'

Stan Lutz, left, and Doug Bennett stand with a mastodon skull in the Vision Center, a smaller version of what they hope to build.

A group in the Boise area is in the midst of fundraising for a new attraction in the Northwest. It'll be called the Northwest Science Museum.

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Local Government
9:21 am
Wed July 30, 2014

Pierce County First In Northwest To Approve 'In God We Trust' Motto Display

File photo from the exterior of the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

A divided county council in Pierce County, Washington Tuesday voted to display the motto "In God We Trust" in its chambers. That makes it the first jurisdiction in the Northwest to become part of a national campaign to feature the motto.

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3:12 pm
Thu July 3, 2014

Mormon Missionaries To Get iPad Minis As Part Of Social Media Initiative

Credit Diego Andres / Flickr Creative Commons

The Mormon church is expanding a program that gives missionaries iPad minis and broadens their proselytizing to social media.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said in a news release this week that a test program that began last fall with 6,500 missionaries serving in the United States and Japan went well. That has prompted the church to expand the initiative.

Church leaders expect to have the specially configured mobile devices in the hands of more than 32,000 missionaries by early 2015. Most missionaries will cover the cost of the $400 device.

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9:41 am
Thu June 12, 2014

Mormon Women's Group Founder Faces Excommunication

The founder of a Mormon women's group pushing for gender equality says the church is trying to excommunicate her.

Kate Kelly says she was shocked and dismayed when she received a letter this week from her bishop in Virginia informing her of a disciplinary hearing June 22. Two months ago Kelly led hundreds in a demonstration to shed light on gender inequality in the religion, defying church orders to stay off Temple Square.

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12:17 pm
Tue May 27, 2014

Mormon Women's Group Pushing For Gender Equality Shifts Strategy

Assembly Hall, on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, was constructed by Latter-day Saints between 1877 and 1882.
Credit Doug Kerr / Flickr Creative Commons

A Mormon women's group pushing for gender equality is shifting from public demonstrations to small discussion groups.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Ordain Women is aiming to find new supporters among the 15 million members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The group has created six discussion topics that highlight gender disparity in the faith.

The group formed last year to advocate for women's inclusion in higher-level positions, including the lay clergy.

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Reader's Corner
4:29 pm
Fri May 16, 2014

'The Vatican Diaries' Author John Thavis Offers An Insider's Look At The Catholic Church

For John Thavis, the timing couldn’t have been better. His book, “The Vatican Diaries: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Power, Personalities and Politics at the Heart of the Catholic Church,” was released in February 2013, just as Pope Benedict XVI announced he would be the first pope in 600 years to resign.

It was a stroke of luck that put his book – the culmination of nearly 30 years as a journalist covering the Vatican – in exactly the right place at the right time.

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6:43 pm
Thu March 20, 2014

Legal Groups See Church-And-State Battleground In Idaho Town's Park

A newspaper clipping from 1972 shows the placement of a 10 Commandments monument in Sandpoint, Idaho.
City of Sandpoint

A little-known display of the 10 Commandments in north Idaho has attracted the attention of a couple of national legal organizations.

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1:05 pm
Thu March 20, 2014

Sandpoint Mulls Future Of Ten Commandments Monument

A conservative advocacy group says it will represent the city of Sandpoint for free in a potential lawsuit over a Ten Commandments monument in a public park.

The Bonner County Daily Bee reports that Hiram Sasser of the Plano, Texas-based Liberty Institute made the offer at a public hearing concerning the monument on Wednesday.

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10:04 am
Wed February 26, 2014

Survey: Nearly A Quarter Of Idaho Residents Are Mormon

This is the exterior of a Mormon Temple in Boise.
Credit Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

A new Gallup survey shows six in 10 Utah residents identify as Mormon.

That's more than double the proportion in any other state. Idaho ranks second with 24 percent of its residents belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The survey is based on phone interviews with 500 adults in each state done in 2013.

Past Gallup surveys show the percentage of Utah residents who call themselves Mormon has held steady around 60 percent for the past six years.

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NPR Story
4:07 pm
Thu February 6, 2014

Faith Healing Exemption Gets Scrutiny In Washington Legislature

Originally published on Fri February 7, 2014 10:13 am

Christian Scientists who treat their sick children with faith healing, instead of medical care, have special protection under Washington law. But that could soon change.

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2:13 pm
Fri January 31, 2014

Catholic Diocese Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Cathedral of St. Helena in Helena, Mont.
Credit Emilie Ritter Saunders

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena filed for bankruptcy protection Friday as part of a proposed $15 million settlement with victims of sexual abuse by clergy.

Diocese spokesman Dan Bartleson says the diocese does not expect to have to liquidate any of its assets or close any programs because of the filing.

The settlement details are being worked out, but the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Montana would be responsible for approving and supervising the disbursement of $15 million to compensate the 362 victims identified in two lawsuits.

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Idaho Legislature
12:35 pm
Tue January 28, 2014

Idaho Legislator Introduces 'Pre-Emptive' Strike To Protect Religious Freedom

Credit Idaho Legislature

Idaho lawmakers and conservative Christian allies contend their faith is under siege by gays, lesbians and the government, so they're launching a "pre-emptive" strike to bolster rights of licensed professionals to refuse service to somebody they conclude violates their religious beliefs.

On Tuesday, Rep. Lynn Luker introduced a measure to shield religious people from the threat of having their professional licenses revoked for declining service.

Luker, a Boise Republican, knows of no Idaho example where this has arisen.

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9:14 am
Mon December 23, 2013

Boise's Mormon Cannery Serves Beyond Its Church Walls

On this day in Garden City’s LDS cannery John Viehweg (left) is first to get his hands on the pears that have been peeled, cored and halved by a machine. Viehweg turns them right side up. The volunteers further down the conveyor belt cut the bad spots off
Adam Cotterell Boise State Public Radio

Many churches view feeding the poor as an important responsibility. But none go about it quite like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Across the country, the LDS church has farms, orchards and ranches. And the crops go to church-owned food processing facilities. Six of these facilities handle perishable food like meat and fruit, including this cannery in Garden City, Idaho.  

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8:43 am
Wed November 27, 2013

Thanksgivukkah: How One Boise Family Is Celebrating This Rare Holiday Mash-Up

Traditional Hanukkah decorations are mixed with Thanksgiving decor at the Geffon house.
Credit Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

You’ll find menorahs all over Dorothy Geffon’s immaculate Boise home. These candelabras are the symbol of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Each night of the eight-day festival, Jews light one candle or oil-light. Some of Geffon’s menorahs are traditional. Others…not so much.

Take the wind-up one that hops around on little plastic legs. “This I have for the little kids,” she says. “It’s fun for the youngest grandchildren.”

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Reader's Corner
12:37 pm
Fri November 8, 2013

Vatican Expert Talks Change In Papacy

As the former Rome bureau chief for Catholic News Service, few understand the inner workings of the seat of Roman Catholicism better than John Thavis. His book reveals that Vatican City’s public image of power, hierarchical authority and reverence for the past often masks a disorganized, inept and uncertain organizational culture.

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5:35 pm
Sat October 5, 2013

Mormon Church Membership Reaches 15 Million

A Mormon temple in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The president of the Mormon church says worldwide membership has hit 15 million, representing a three-fold increase over the three decades.

President Thomas S. Monson announced the milestone during the opening session of the two-day Mormon church conference Saturday morning.

The biannual general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints brings 100,000 members to Salt Lake City. More than half of church members live outside of the United States.

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2:43 pm
Tue August 27, 2013

Why The Mormon Church Is Sending So Many Missionaries To Idaho

Since we met Colby Denton (right) two months ago he finished his two year stint as a missionary and went home to Arizona. He immediately started back in his old sales job for the month of August. Now he's starting his final year of college. Davis Jones (left) has two months left in Boise.
Credit Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

The typical image of Mormon missionaries going door-to-door with pamphlets is antiquated. Colby Denton says in Boise they only do it if they have a few minutes to kill between appointments. Denton is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Boise mission.

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2:31 pm
Mon August 26, 2013

Mormon Church To Triple Missionary Numbers In Southwest Idaho

Colby Denton (left) and Davis Jones at the Boise Mission headquarters. Behind them is a board with pictures of everyone serving in the mission on one side and everyone arriving next month on the other.
Credit Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

At 23-and 21-years-old Colby Denton and Davis Jones introduce themselves as Elder Denton and Elder Jones. That’s traditional for young men serving as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Both are relentlessly cheerful. Both say they wouldn’t trade their two years in the Boise, Idaho Mission for anything.

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6:00 am
Fri March 1, 2013

Fellowship And Tradition Go Into Pie Making For Lent In Boise

Alan Terrill and Lois Boulware roll out pie crusts in the Tuttle House kitchen
Samantha Wright Boise State Public Radio

The season of Lent often means abstaining from an indulgence, a time of doing without.  But for the pie makers at St. Michael’s Episcopal Cathedral in Boise and their Lenten Lunch, it’s a time of fellowship and tradition.  Using recipes that have been handed down for almost 40 years, the pies are a favorite at the Friday event.

Sally Terrill rolls out pie crusts. “This will be either a coconut cream or a chocolate pie.”

Alongside Sally is her husband, Alan. “Oh, I’ve been here, how many years?”

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