State Of The City

Paula Padilla del Valle / Flickr

This year’s State of the City presentation in Twin Falls featured the mayor, members of the city council and other city staff. The multi-faceted approach highlighted the city’s updated strategic plan that stretches to the year 2030.

Dave Bieter
Dave Bieter's Facebook Page / City of Boise

Boise's mayor said Wednesday the city needs to invest in its infrastructure as a means of improving quality of life, and in turn, economic development.

City of Boise

Idaho's capitol city will see several economic developments in the coming months along with a possible property tax hike according to Boise Mayor Dave Bieter.  He unveiled these plans at his annual State of the City address Tuesday. 

Courtesy City of Boise

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter gives his ninth State of the City speech Tuesday morning.  He’ll highlight developments over the past year and reveal new plans for the coming year.  A review of his past speeches, though, show some initiatives are still pending. 

During his State of the City speech two years ago, Bieter announced lease negotiations with Sunergy World.   The $45 million solar electricity project was supposed to create 40 jobs on city-owned property west of the Airport but that site is still empty.