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KBSU HD is down, Now back!

Jul 15, 2013

Update:  Monday 5:34 PM KBSU HD is back up

Previous (Monday July 15th) KBSU HD is done.  We are working on getting someone up to the transmitter site and it should be back up today or tomorrow.

You can listen to the streams here

UPDATE JULY 2: The KBSX News 91.5 web stream is now fully functioning. Thank you for your patience and happy listening!

ORIGINAL POST: The KBSX News 91.5 web stream is currently unavailable. The computer that supports the KBSX News live web stream failed.

We're in the process of moving the system onto a different computer. We hope to have the KBSX News 91.5 web stream up and running by Tuesday.

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Updated May 30: Our stations in Lower Stanley and Salmon have been repaired.

We are still experiencing technical issues with our stations in Ketchum and Challis.

The station in Challis (91.9 fm) is still off the air due to a lightening strike last week. We're working to fix the outage as soon as possible.

Our station in Ketchum (93.5 fm) is currently experiencing low audio levels. Again, we're working to fix the problem.

All Transmitters Are Operating Normally

Feb 13, 2013

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