Trinity Ridge Fire

Relieved Featherville Residents Return Home

Sep 4, 2012
Brad Washa / Boise National Forest

Firefighters have made substantial gains against the Trinity Ridge Fire, burning northeast of Boise.  After a two-week evacuation, residents of the small town of Featherville were allowed to return this weekend. 

Wildfire Evacuees In Idaho Go Home, Temporarily

Aug 28, 2012

Residents of Pine and Featherville -- who've been evacuated because of a wildfire - were temporarily allowed back in their homes Tuesday.   Officials say it's still too smokey and risky to let them back in for good.

The Trinity Ridge Fire has threatened these communities for days now. At more than 132,000 acres, fire crews now have it 10 percent contained. They've shored up a six mile stretch through Featherville and south to Pine. 

Crews Stand By As Fire Creeps Toward Idaho Town

Aug 21, 2012
Zane Brown /

Fire crews in southern Idaho are now at a standoff with a fire that’s surrounded the resort town of Featherville. It’s been clear for days that the town’s businesses and summer homes are in the path of the 90-thousand-acre Trinity Ridge Fire east of Boise. But fire managers say they have to wait for the blaze to creep to lower ground before crews can fight it head-on.

Meanwhile, about 30 residents refuse to leave Featherville, despite an evacuation order over the weekend. Fire information officer Steve Till says sheriff deputies cannot force anyone out of their homes.

Trinity Ridge Fire Brings Community Together

Aug 17, 2012
Charity Parks / Inciweb

Since Tuesday, residents of the small towns of Featherville and Pine gather together each evening to talk about the Trinity Ridge Fire, burning near their homes.  At these meetings, fire officials provide status updates on the 72-thousand acre blaze.

These meetings help prepare residents for potential evacuations.  They talk about what’s important to pack, as well as how to use defensible land around their homes.  Officials recommend raking up pine needles and removing wood piles.