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2:06 pm
Thu October 23, 2014

Idaho Universities Reveal Latest Enrollment Numbers (Hint: 1 Up, 2 Down)

Some of Boise State's 22,000 plus students walking to class.
Credit Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

Boise State University has more students this fall than it did fall 2013, but Idaho State University and the University of Idaho have fewer. All three of Idaho’s public universities saw substantial growth during the height of the Great Recession. But for the last few years the trend has been declining enrollment.

Boise State

Total enrollment – 22,259

Idaho’s largest public university grew by a little more than 1 percent after two years of declining enrollment.

University of Idaho

Total enrollment – 11,534

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Plate Tectonics
10:35 am
Tue September 30, 2014

What An Idaho Researcher Learned About Jupiter's Moon

Artist's concept of one ice plate on Europa sliding beneath another plate.
Credit Noah Kroese (I:NK) /

Could there be plate tectonics on other worlds? One former Idaho scientist thinks it’s possible. Until now, the movement of pieces of a planet’s crust was found nowhere else in the universe except Earth.

It was the late 1990s and University of Idaho planetary geologist Simon Kattenhorn was looking at one of Jupiter's moons named Europa. NASA’s Galileo orbiter took the pictures of it. Using those images, Kattenhorn discovered something remarkable.

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Higher Education
10:55 am
Thu August 14, 2014

Idaho Universities Recommend Cutting Several Degree Programs

The University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho.
Credit Idaho Department of Commerce

Idaho’s public universities Wednesday told the State Board of Education what programs and degrees they’re ready to cut, which could lead to job layoffs. All four of Idaho’s four-year universities reported on a yearlong evaluation known as program prioritization. This was a requirement from the state board aimed at cost cutting.

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9:03 am
Thu July 10, 2014

It Takes 100 Years For Forests To Recover From Wildfire, Study Finds That's Fast

Odessa Lake and subalpine forest in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA.
Credit Philip Higuera / University of Idaho

Fire season has come alive in the Northwest. On Monday, 20 homes in Idaho's Sun Valley area were briefly under evacuation when a fire broke out in a nearby canyon. A 5,000-acre fire north of Wenatchee, Washington, continues to threaten houses in the area.

Fires can be devastating to people's lives. But according to new research, at least certain types of forests recovery fairly quickly.

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1:51 pm
Mon June 23, 2014

Supreme Court Justice Scalia To Speak At Idaho Water Conference

Justice Scalia at a book signing in San Francisco.
Credit Shawn / Flickr Creative Commons

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will visit Boise in August to give the keynote speech at a conference marking the end of a nearly 30-year water adjudication process.

The University of Idaho announced the upcoming event is sponsored by the Idaho Supreme Court, the Kempthorne Institute, and U of I’s College of Law.

Scalia is speaking at a conference celebrating the end of the Snake River Basin Adjudication process which negotiated water rights in Idaho. That adjudication started in 1987.

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Higher Education
11:07 am
Tue May 20, 2014

New University Of Idaho President Talks About The Future, Funding And Guns On Campus

Chuck Staben is the University of Idaho's 18th president.
Credit University of Idaho

Chuck Staben started his new job as president of the University of Idaho in March. Staben came to Moscow from the University of South Dakota where he was a provost. Before that, he was a vice president at the University of Kentucky, and before that, he was a researcher and biology teacher.

Staben spoke with reporter Adam Cotterell about the future of the University of Idaho and his own future there. Here are some highlights from their conversation.

“I plan to be here for approximately 10 years.”

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Higher Education
11:32 am
Fri May 16, 2014

University Of Idaho Aims For A Big Enrollment Increase

University of Idaho President Chuck Staben says the school plans a more aggressive strategy to entice Idaho students and bump enrollment at its Moscow campus from 11,000 to 15,000 over several years.

Staben tells the Coeur d'Alene Press that a significant number of qualified high-school graduates in Idaho don't opt for college.

He says the school hopes to be more effective at encouraging them to come to the university

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7:30 am
Mon March 10, 2014

University Of Idaho Researchers Find Common Chemical Changes Fetal Monkey Genes

Credit Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

The chemical BPA, or bisphenol A, is commonly found in plastics, soup cans, and store receipts. Scientists continue to study how the chemical affects people. New research from the University of Idaho may sound a cautionary note for humans. 

Gordon Murdoch is an associate professor of physiology at the University of Idaho. He focused on fetal heart development in rhesus monkeys.

For the study, pregnant monkeys were fed fruit containing BPA. “Our question was did it affect the genes in the fetal heart?” he asked, “And to our surprise and dismay, it did.”

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Higher Education
12:58 pm
Mon November 18, 2013

Univ. Of South Dakota Provost Named New Univ. Of Idaho President

Credit University of South Dakota

A provost from the University of South Dakota has been tapped to become the University of Idaho's new president.

The Idaho State Board of Education announced Monday that Chuck Staben, provost and vice president of academic affairs at the University of South Dakota, was chosen out of the five finalists contending for the job.

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9:05 am
Mon November 18, 2013

NASA Image Of Saturn Shows An Idaho Professor's Work

Saturn's rings captured by Cassini.

The picture below is the planet Saturn and its rings back-lit by the sun. It’s essentially a planetary eclipse. Earth appears as a blue pinprick in the background. The picture is a mosaic of 141 different images. It comes from the Cassini space craft and it’s getting a lot of attention online.

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9:59 am
Wed October 23, 2013

University Of Idaho, Boise State Report Declining Enrollment

Credit Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

Two of Idaho's largest universities reported enrollment declines this year.

Boise State University saw its total students during the fall semester sag to 22,003 from 22,678 last year, a drop of 3 percent.

Meanwhile, the University of Idaho said its overall enrollment plunged nearly 5.2 percent to 11,844, from 12,493.

Both schools sought to put a positive spin on declining enrollments.

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Higher Education
7:34 am
Mon October 21, 2013

University Of Idaho Makes Plans For New President's Mansion

The current University of Idaho president's mansion.
Credit Glenn Mosley

The University of Idaho wants to build a new house for the next school president.

The Lewiston Tribune reports that school officials presented the plan to the Idaho State Board of Education on Thursday.

The plan by the school's presidential residence study committee recommends that the president's house be rebuilt at the same location as the current residence.

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Idaho News
11:20 am
Thu October 17, 2013

Retired Univ. Of Idaho Professor To Be Remembered As A Renaissance Man

Credit University of Idaho

Malcolm Renfrew died on Oct. 12 at the age of 103. The retired University of Idaho professor will be remembered by friends and colleagues on Oct. 28 at the First Presbyterian Church in Moscow.

To many in Moscow, Renfrew was a renaissance man. He is being remembered as a department chair, a faculty member, a scientist, an artist, and a deeply involved member of the community.

One friend called him the voice for all things positive, while interim UI President Don Burnett called him a fixture in the community.

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Idaho News
10:13 am
Tue October 15, 2013

Former Univ. Of Idaho Professor And Teflon Developer Dead At 103

A former University of Idaho professor who oversaw the DuPont team that developed Teflon in the late 1930s died on his 103rd birthday.

Shorts Funeral Chapel in Moscow says Dr. Malcolm Renfrew died Saturday at his residence at the Moscow Good Samaritan Village.

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports Renfrew was born in Spokane, Wash. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in chemistry from the University of Idaho in the early 1930s and his doctorate at the University of Minnesota before joining DuPont in New Jersey.

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Higher Education
10:55 am
Wed October 9, 2013

5 University Of Idaho Presidential Candidates To Visit Boise


Boise residents will have a chance to meet the five finalists being considered for the University of Idaho's top job over the next month. A committee has been looking for a new president since Duane Nellis left to become the president of Texas Tech last March.

Each candidate will be in Idaho for about two days. They’ll spend a full day at the main campus in Moscow. Then each will get on a chartered plane and make a whirlwind tour of U of I extensions in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Boise, says Marilyn Whitney with Idaho’s State Board of Education.

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2:51 pm
Mon September 30, 2013

And Then There Were Five…Finalists For University Of Idaho President


The University of Idaho has five finalists for its top job. Four hold administration jobs at public universities and one is listed as a higher education consultant.

The U of I has been searching for a president since Duane Nellis left to take a job at Texas Tech last March. Law school dean Don Burnett has been filling in as interim president at a salary of $240,000 a year. He did not apply for the full time job.

Idaho’s State Board of Education will interview the candidates in October and hopes to announce the new president in November.

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5:31 pm
Wed September 18, 2013

Idaho Marching Band's Macklemore Cover Lands On Rolling Stone Top 10 List

Credit University of Idaho Marching Band Facebook Page

The University of Idaho is getting some unexpected national attention this week. It's not for an academic honor or for a big athletics win, it's for a YouTube video of the U of I marching band. The video is featured in a Rolling Stone list of the top 10 college marching band cover songs. 

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Higher Education
11:41 am
Tue August 27, 2013

Idaho Education Board Approves Law School Expansion

Credit j3net / Flickr Creative Commons

The Idaho Board of Education has approved a plan to allow second-year University of Idaho law students to take classes in Boise.

It's the second time the state board has granted the request from UI — but last year the budget approval for the expansion was voted down in the Legislature.

UI Vice President for Finance and Administration Ron Smith says he's hopeful that this year lawmakers will support the expansion.

Third-year curriculum is already being offered at the UI's law school program in Boise.

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University of Idaho
9:09 am
Fri July 12, 2013

Burnett Burns Midnight Oil As Interim University of Idaho President

Don and Karen Burnett.
Credit University of Idaho

University of Idaho Interim President Don Burnett has been burning the midnight oil since taking over the leadership of the university from Duane Nellis. He’s had a full schedule since his first day on the job on June 1.

Drop Don Burnett a line and with his schedule he’s apt to answer you at almost any time, including at 10 p.m. on a Saturday. His work schedule has been full in his first several weeks on the job traveling inside and outside of Idaho, meeting the university’s constituents.

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Higher Education
3:13 pm
Thu July 11, 2013

University Of Idaho Proposes Building A New President's Mansion

The University of Idaho's president's mansion.
Credit Glenn Mosley

The University of Idaho wants to demolish the school president's residence and build a new one to help attract a new leader.

The university will seek approval from the Idaho State Board of Education next month to start planning and design for a new presidential mansion.

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports university officials say they want to build a new home costing up to $2 million in the same location by the end of next summer.

The presidential search committee plans on working with the UI Foundation to help fund it.

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