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University of Idaho Appoints Interim President

Mar 28, 2013
Donald Burnett
University of Idaho

Donald Burnett, the dean of the University Of Idaho College Of Law, has been appointed interim president of the university. He succeeds Duane Nellis, who is taking the job as president of Texas Tech.

When Burnett's mother was a student at the University of Idaho during The Great Depression, she worked in the university library for 35 cents an hour. Don Burnett's father also attended the university and hunted in the area between Moscow and nearby Pullman, WA to provide food for his fraternity.

Courtesy of the University of Idaho

University of Idaho President Duane Nellis has officially been named president of Texas Tech State University. He was approved by the TTU Board of Regents today.

On the same day that the Texas Tech Regents made official what had announced earlier this month, Duane Nellis, the new president of Texas Tech, sent a message to the University of Idaho community, saying he and his wife will truly miss the UI.

Courtesy of the University of Idaho

University of Idaho President Duane Nellis is the sole

finalist for the position of President of Texas Tech State University.

It was a typically quiet Friday afternoon at the University of Idaho in Moscow, that is until word spread, first by word of mouth and then by an official announcement, that Duane Nellis had been named the sole finalist for the job as President at Texas Tech.

The Northwest's public universities pull in massive amounts of federal research dollars. It totaled $1 billion last year at the University of Washington. Oregon State University won close to $200 million in federal research funds. The University of Idaho is counting on $100 million this year. So it's no surprise that university administrators are hanging on every scrap of news about imminent automatic federal budget cuts.

The Idaho State Board of Education is asking the state’s colleges and universities to study the issue of substance abuse among their students.

Lewis Clark State College President Tony Fernandez says it’s a problem familiar to those who work in higher education. “There are issues that are growing, and have been growing, over the last ten or fifteen years, on college campuses, when it comes to substance abuse, be it alcohol or drugs.”

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Idaho farmers and ranchers had a strong year financially in 2012 but this year they could face challenges. That’s according to a new study from economists at the University of Idaho. 

University of Idaho President Duane Nellis told state budget writers this morning that the 20 seats funded by the state in WWAMI, the cooperative medical education program with the University of Washington, are no longer enough to meet the state’s medical needs. He said Idaho needs more doctors.

“We have the lowest number of physicians, per capita, of any state in the nation,” Nellis said.

Police investigations continue into the deaths of two University of Idaho students in Moscow. They died in separate incidents over the three day weekend. 

Moscow Police say 18 -year-old Joseph Wiedrrick of Hailey, Idaho was found dead on Monday after being reported missing by his dormitory roommate at noon on Sunday. Search and rescue teams spent the rest of Sunday and most of Monday looking for him. They found his body under a bridge just over three miles from campus. No foul play is suspected.

Boise State University

Over the past decade, the student makeup at Boise State University has changed.  That’s the word from President Bob Kustra, who made his pitch for more money from the Idaho Legislature today.

Kustra showed budget lawmakers a series of statistics about Boise State that have changed from 2001 to now.  He says back then, the school had a different make up of students. 

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The University of Idaho has announced that Paul Petrino will be its new head football coach.

The university said Monday that Petrino has produced some of the most prolific offenses in the nation as an assistant coach at several other schools.

Petrino replaces interim coach Jason Gesser, who guided the Vandals during the final four games after Robb Akey was fired.

Petrino spoke Monday of recruiting young men of good character for the Vandals. “We're going to make sure that we go out and get the very best character we can,” he explained.

Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

For the first time in its history, Boise State University has more than 20,000 students. Boise State reports fall enrollment stands at 22,678. The previous high enrollment was 19,993 set in 2010.

The jump comes, in part, from counting the more than 2,000 high school students in the concurrent enrollment program. The number includes more than 3,000 graduate students and 2,200 freshmen.  

An archeological dig in downtown Boise is unearthing scores of artifacts from a 19th century family. What was trash in the past is now treasure for local history lovers.

A group of archeology students and experienced volunteers scratch in the dirt next to one of Boise’s oldest standing buildings. One of them stops, excited by what she’s found. She shows her find to dig director Mark Warner. He’s excited too and wants to see it in the sunlight. They step out of the shade and Warner rubs the dirt off a chunk of glass as long as his thumb and twice as big around.

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The Mars Rover, Curiosity, lands on the red planet on Sunday. One of the people instrumental to the mission is University of Idaho alum Matt Braley . His resume includes eight years in the Air Force, an Electrical engineering degree from the U of I, and his current work with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA. Braley is in Pasadena, California anxiously awaiting the touchdown of Curiosity on the surface of Mars.

University of Idaho

Scientists at the University of Maryland and the University of Idaho say they’ve discovered that the vaginal microbiome — the bacteria living in the vagina — varies considerably between women. There may not be, in other words, a single way to define what is meant by a normal vaginal environment.

Dr. Larry Forney is a co-author of the research and director of the Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies at the University of Idaho.

Members of Idaho’s state legislative budget committee are on a fact- finding tour of locations in north central Idaho this week.

The delegation is making the rounds in places like Moscow and Orofino, with the intent being to better understanding issues and budget requests that will come up in the next legislative session.