News Awards

Boise State Public Radio's newsroom took home two first place awards in the national Public Radio News Directors Inc.'s (PRNDI) annual contest.

Entries from Boise State Public Radio were judged alongside other public radio stations of similar size, those are mid-sized newsrooms with four to seven full-time reporters.

Press club awards
Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

Boise State Public Radio's newsroom recently took home 11 Idaho Press Club awards. The annual awards honor the best of Idaho journalism across all platforms, including print, television and radio.

The KBSX newsroom landed five first-place awards, three second-place awards, and three third-place awards.

Here's the list of winning stories:

General News Report – Radio


Boise State Public Radio’s newsroom has won six regional Edward R. Murrow Awards. The Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) announced Tuesday that Boise State Public Radio won six of 13 awards handed out in Region One for work done in 2013.

News Director Scott Graf says the awards reflect the high quality work KBSX does on a regular basis.

Service Dog Series

Feb 5, 2014
service dog, awescar
Samantha Wright / Boise State Public Radio

Service Dog: An Idaho Army Veteran Struggles With Post Traumatic Stress

Courtesy of RTDNA

Boise State Public Radio’s website has been named the best in the country by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA). The organization announced Wednesday, the winners of the 2013 national Edward R. Murrow Awards. These awards honor the highest caliber journalism being produced by radio, television and online news organizations around the world.

Idaho Press Club Award
Emilie Ritter Saunders

Boise State Public Radio's news team took home 18 local and regional journalism awards this weekend.

At the annual Idaho Press Club awards banquet, we received nine 1st place honors, three 2nd place, and two 3rd place. Here are our winning entries:

2013 Edward R. Murrow Awards

The Radio Television Digital News Association has awarded Boise State Public Radio six of 13 regional Edward R. Murrow Awards.

Boise State Public Radio news director Sadie Babits was elated upon seeing the news. “I couldn't be more proud of our journalists,” said Babits. “They've worked incredibly hard over the past year to bring quality radio and digital content to our audience and these awards are well deserved."

Searching for Lost Apples

Feb 1, 2012

As we roared downstream through the River of No Return Wilderness via jet boat, skipping off rapids and dodging just-submerged boulders, I decided my imaginary movie version of this adventure should be titled Indiana Appleseed in the Canyon of Lost Treasure. Naturally it would be packed with whitewater action, pioneer spirit, hungry black bears and most importantly, a whole lot of strange apples. Continue Reading...

Jobless in Idaho Series

Feb 1, 2012

The Idaho Department of Labor estimates there are nearly 65,000 people in the state who don’t have jobs.  Tens of thousands more are either underemployed or have stopped looking for work.

Idaho is one of a handful of states where the unemployment rate has gone up since the recession officially ended in mid-2009.  Idaho’s unemployment rate climbed to its peak of 9.7 percent in early 2011, nearly two years after the recession was declared over.

Idaho’s First Execution in 17 Years

Feb 1, 2012

Amber Beierle opens an iron door with a key the size of her hand.  Beierle manages Idaho’s historic old penitentiary.  Behind this door is the room where Idaho hanged its last man.

Amber Beierle “that is where the rope would have been hanging and then there’s a lever that releases the trap door.”

This room was built in 1954 with the expectation of handling many executions. It saw only one. Raymond Snowden in 1957.

Living Nativity

Feb 1, 2012

BOISE, Id – From Radio City Music Hall to Saturday Night Live, the Biblical story of the birth of Jesus is told around the world this time of year.  And one way that story gets shared is through living nativities. These can be elaborate affairs, complete with costumes, sets, even live animals.  One church in Meridian does this to bring other churches and the community together.

Forensic Dog

Jan 1, 2011

1st Place - Best Feature News Story

Here’s the scene. A hiker in the Foothills finds a human bone. Police are called in. They’ll have to figure out whom the bone belongs to and if foul play was involved. You can imagine with just a bone, that’s no easy task. Many times, law enforcement use forensic dogs. On this week’s Off The Trail, Samantha Wright explains how this specialized job works.

Guard Goodbye

Jan 1, 2011

1st Place - Best News Story

They’ve trained at the Orchard Training Area fifteen miles south of Boise. They’ve spent some time on leave, at home with family and friends, saying goodbyes. Now they’re packing up their gear. Over the next three days, the Army National Guard’s 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team will fly to Mississippi, the next stage in their deployment mission. Boise State Public Radio’s Samantha Wright caught up with some of the citizen soldiers before they left home.

Silsby Returns

Jan 1, 2011

1st Place - Best Spot News

It’s been just over four months since the earthquake in Haiti and just over three months since ten Baptist missionaries were detained there on child trafficking charges. Now the last of those missionaries has been reunited with her family in Idaho. Boise State Public Radio’s Adam Cotterell was at the airport when Laura Silsby arrived.

1st Place - Best Investigative Report

You may have received an official looking letter or postcard in the mail recently. The words “personal and confidential” may appear on it and it warns your auto warranty is about to expire. As Boise State Public Radio’s Scott Ki reports in part one of our story, it’s best to throw those mailers away because it’s more than likely a scam.