Idaho Health Insurance Exchange Task Force To Meet Today

Aug 2, 2012

Earlier this week, we told you about the work of Idaho's legislative healthcare task force - 14 lawmakers who met Monday to talk about the Affordable Care Act.  Today a task force created by the governor will hold the first in a series of meetings that will help decide the future of health care in Idaho. 

Monday’s meeting was a chance for state lawmakers to learn the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act.  What legislators heard was Idaho still has to make two decisions: whether to create a state health insurance exchange and whether to expand Medicaid.  The task force is really an interim legislative committee, so lawmakers took no action, other than asking questions. 

Today's group, the Health Insurance Exchange Working Group, consists of 12 people appointed by Governor Butch Otter. Their job is to outline for the governor the pros and cons of developing a state-run health insurance exchange. 

The task force includes three lawmakers, four people from the health insurance industry, one doctor, and some who represent business interests.  They will examine the costs and implications of a state-run exchange, a federal exchange, or a partnership with the federal government.

Their final recommendation could carry a lot of weight with Otter, who must make a decision on an exchange by November 16.

Next week, the Governor’s second task force, on whether or not to expand Medicaid, will hold its first meeting.

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