Idaho’s Second District Candidates Take In Big Money

Jul 17, 2012

New numbers are out for campaign fundraising in Idaho’s congressional races. The candidates have reported what they’ve taken in as of the end of June.

In the First District, incumbent Republican Raul Labrador has raised almost 15 times as much as his Democratic challenger Jimmy Farris. That’s $551,568 compared to $37,388.

In Idaho’s Second District, Democratic challenger Nicole LeFavour faces seven term Republican Mike Simpson. LeFavour has raised $156,016 so far. That’s more than any Democrat who has challenged Simpson has raised in years. But Simpson has taken in $955,982. That’s more than he’s ever raised for one race. And there are nearly four months left to go. 62 percent of Simpson’s money comes from Political Action Committees, or PACs while nearly all of LeFavour’s comes from individuals.

“We have hundreds and hundreds of donors,” LeFavour says. “That adds up so quickly and so when people are generous and give as much as they’re able, you know, ten dollars, a hundred dollars whatever they can do, that’s what makes a campaign possible.”  

Congressman Mike Simpson sent this written response:

“PAC money is raised from individual contributors, like the Potato PAC, the check may list that it comes from Washington DC, but the base for that support comes from Potato farmers right here in Idaho. I’m humbled by the support that I have received from Idahoans on this campaign. I have always taken every election seriously and this year is no different.”

Simpson has more than 400 contributions from PACs. Only a handful represent Idaho companies. For example he got $1,500 from Idaho’s Amalgamated Sugar but he has also received contributions from sugar company PACs in other states. Some other contributions are from national organizations that have Idaho interests.