Long Sought Eco-Sabotage Suspect Turns Herself In

Nov 29, 2012

Credit FBI

A decade on the lam has ended for a suspect in a string of eco-sabotage attacks across the American West. The alleged Earth Liberation Front fugitive turned herself in at the Canadian border.

FBI agents were waiting when 39-year-old Rebecca Rubin drove up to the U.S. border at Blaine, Washington. The Canadian fugitive was arrested there for conspiracy to commit around 20 arsons spanning five Western states. The Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front took credit for the arson spree, which ended in 2001.

Assistant U-S Attorney Stephen Peifer says Rubin's surrender after a decade at large was "pre-arranged." "We knew of course she is a Canadian citizen and likely was in Canada during that time... There was an ongoing search. Now with the help of her attorney, she did turn herself in."

Peifer alleges Rubin took part in arsons at the Vail ski resort in Colorado, and at federal wild horse holding facilities near Burns, Oregon and Susanville, California among others. Two co-conspirators remain at large among nearly twenty people charged and jailed for acts of eco-sabotage.

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