The Messy Business Of Chipsealing Ada County Roads Gets Underway

Jul 9, 2013

Starting Wednesday the Ada County Highway District starts it's summer chipsealing program.

Chipsealing begins Wednesday in Ada County and goes through the fall.
Credit Courtesy of ACHD

The process helps seal the road surface, putting down an armor coat for skid and weather resistance. The District says chipsealing slows the deterioration of roads caused by sun and weather.

It's a multi-step process. A truck sprays on a liquid asphalt mixture. A spreader truck then puts down rock chips. A roller sets the chips in place. Then a seal coating is laid down to help keep the chips and the dust on the roadway.

Still, drivers are advised to drive slowly over new chipseals to avoid flying rocks.  During the process, motorists will see lane restrictions and delays of five to 15 minutes.

ACHD will chipseal 45 miles of residential streets, and 80 miles of larger roadways, for a total of 125 miles in Ada County.  Chipsealing will continue until September.

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