Moscow Area Runners Hold Boston Marathon Vigil

Apr 16, 2013

Credit Glenn Mosley

A group of runners and their friends got together in Moscow Monday night to show solidarity with their fellow runners and those impacted by events at the Boston Marathon.

They came to Friendship Square in their running shoes and their running gear, feeling they had to do something following the explosions in Boston, and so they gathered, they said, as amateur athletes and as human beings. Jim Ekins is a member of the University of Idaho Extension faculty.

“We are just here to stand in solidarity with people who are affected by violence around the world and especially today, of course, with the tragedy in Boston,” Ekins says.

Members of two road running clubs from Moscow and Pullman, and their friends, attended the vigil in Moscow. A moment of silence was held, and then they went off on a run measured precisely at 2.62 miles—one-tenth the distance of the Boston marathon.